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"Australian Champion

Bruin Grizzy Bear"

Beccie - "The Devil Inside" and "THE Baby"


Aust Ch Bruin Grizzy Bear

DOB: 22-Jul-05


Beccie is the daughter of our beloved Sarge (Aust Grand Ch GrizzMuffley Delirious) and Bruin Mystic Meg (Bee Bee). She is a lovely fawn girl with excellent pigmentation, bite, boning, substance, movement, turn of stifle and topline. Beccie has lovely type and the most beautiful dark eyes. She's also full of herself!! And we love it.

Fearless, fabulous and wild, this girl loves to show off and believes that the show ring is her territory. "Watch out here I come" could be her motto. We just have to teach her that it really isn't necessary to kiss the Judge when they say hello, however much she would like to, or that everyone she meets needs a bullmastiff to lean on them or lay in their lap.

Beccie is such pleasure to have around and is full of the fire and mischief of all of the gang. She would like to be firmly in charge of the rest of the pack, or if we could make her an only child, that would be her dream come true. Beccie loves to dance and if you hum music suitable for a Conga line she will join in with her own bum wiggling, hip swinging dance moves. She is known to us as 'Beccie BumGrub' and answers very swiftly to 'Bum Bum, where's my Bum Bum' :) She also answers to 'Bumbalina', 'Devil Child' and when she's being NORTY, 'Rebecca Jane Bruin-GrizzMuffley-Klok-Wehmeier' lets her know to haul her butt to you quickly - which she does. Beccie is a very smart girl and lives to please you and be adored.

We are awestruck by her. She is simply divine and we are all in love with our 'Devil from Penrose'.

"The Preggers Diary"

Stacey and Beccieís accounts of pregnant life from confirmation of pregnancy, through to the birth of the "Bum Stahrs".

We hope you enjoy sharing our journey.

13th January 2010


Stacey: I am so excited. Bren is too. Tonight we go to the vetís for an ultrasound to confirm that Bummy is expecting Stahrís babies. We definitely think sheís pregnant. Fingers crossed.

Beccie: These people are wierd. They keep rubbing my belly and kissing it and Mum keeps telling Dad how my boobs are growing. Obsessed I tell you. They need lives.


Stacey: Woo Hoo our baby is expecting!! When we saw those little bubs pop up on the ultrasound it was the most beautiful thing. I felt like bawling. Bren had the best grin on his face. On the way home he turned to me and said ďMy boy is going to be a Father!Ē I think it has sunk in at last.

Beccie: Yeah yeah I know. Iím pregnant, duffed, got buns in the oven, in the family way. Silly buggers. I already knew that. Those treats from Michael the vet were nice. Didnít last long though. Must tell him next time to cough some more up.

14th January 2010

Stacey: Still floating about Bummy being pregnant. She looks just so gorgeous. Her little baby pot belly makes me want to snuggle it and boy her boobs are growing! She looks great.

Beccie: God does this woman never stop? The only saving grace from her sickening baby talk is the milk and egg of a morning. Mind you Dad is getting just as bad. Huh, at least Iím getting the extras and Shadoweís not. Snicker. Thatíll teach that brindle hag whoís the REAL BABY!!

15th January 2010

Stacey: Thank God itís Friday. That means itís also nearly 5 weeks pregnant for Beccie. Wow, we have so much to do to get ready! Gee she looks beautiful. She really seems to glow.

Beccie: Spare me. I thought she couldnít get any worse. I have 4 more weeks of this drivel to put up with. Oh well, at least Iím getting spoilt - so I should be. I am the best you know. When the babies come weíll see if all of that poop wipes the grin off Mumís face. Bet sheíll drive me nuts taking photos. Iíve seen her in action before and sheís a freakazoid.

16th January 2010

Stacey: Bummy looks bigger now and she's starting to need to go to the toilet earlier of a morning. She didn't run around like a looney when the water truck came this morning thankfully. She must realise that a lady in her condition has to slow down a little bit. What a clever girl. I wonder how many she'll have and how many boys and girls. I just hope everything is nice and easy for her. She's just so beautiful.

Beccie: Hey she can keep up this milk and egg caper but the lazy woman needs to move faster when I am busting to pee I tell ya. Oh hang on, I did wake her up earlier than usual for that. A HA - proof positive. Mum is my willing slave. I am gonna milk this for all it's worth baby! And as if I would chase the water truck. Sheesh - I'm saving my energy to put up with Grunt yabbering on all of the time and to yell insults at Shadowe. A girl has priorities you know.


Beccie: I've finally hit the jackpot. It's about time. The power went out this arvo as we had a big storm. So Dad and Mum got out the Crib Board to play a few hands. But they also had hot snacks - I'm talking pan fried Kabana with 4 sauces. I was sitting with them playing Referee to make sure Dad didn't cheat at cards (he's a bit of a shark according to his Granny) and I scored big time on the snacks. Mum goes to eat it and then looks at me and I turn on those "Oh poor little me eyes" and the dear sweet sucker is lost. That's how I get what I want. I just turn it on for Mum. Dad's not quite so easily sucked in but I have him figured too. These days, I just wiggle my little baby pot belly at him and he's lost. I have it good. This pregnancy thing is a good joy ride. Aunty Ek was crazy when she said it was full of morning sickness that resulted in spitting out 15 watermelons. I can't get a straight answer on it from Grandma Katie - she just goes all gooey and talks about little bubbas to kissy wissy woo woo. I'm not asking that brindle beatch Shadowe about it. She only sticks her nose in the air and smirks at me. Hag. Little does she realise, she's going to be a Step-Grandmother. Ha ha ha - I'm gonna get the last laugh here. I am a bit worried about watermelons though. It sounds gross. Maybe Aunty Ek is just teasing. If I wake up in the morning still worried I'll try asking Mum and Dad - that thought is scary all round really. They don't refer to Mum as a Weapon of Mass Confusion for nothing. Dad's cool - but he's a BLOKE. According to Ek, his version of the birds and the bees (breeding babies) is way freaky and very graphically descriptive.

17th January 2010

Stacey: It's now 5 weeks since Beccie and Stahr had their last romantic encounter. Beccie is looking 'fuller' all of the time and has taken on a rather smug look about her. This morning when we were having our kisses and I was kissing the babies in her tummy, I looked down and man this girl is getting a great bust on her. Brendan did a double take when I pointed it out. She seems to be feeling really good in herself and keeping active but sensible. That's a bit of a change from my wild thing. Usually she's as much of a Mad March Hare as Grunt and Skahr are! She got a new bed today and has spent plenty of time in the sun snoozing in it airing her belly. I wonder if it is like having a bunch of little heaters in there?

We were going to bath all of the kids today but have decided to do them next weekend. It's worming night tonight and we've got a good batch of 'Decepta Grub' cooked up in the pot to go over their bikkies. It has vegies, pasta, chicken, sausages and gravy in it. Snikker. They'll never find those worm pills hiding under that. It's a shame they don't make meat flavoured worming syrup for adults like they do for puppies. I can still see Shadowe trying to steal the worming syrup before her babies could get it - even she loved it.

Beccie: RIght well I planned on asking Mum about Echoe and her freaking watermelons, but I couldn't get any sense out of her. She went on and on about how her baby was having babies and "oooooo we must kissy the little bubbas in the Bum Bum's tum tum and tell them how much we love them". Then when that finally stopped she was off about the boobs again. I am going to have to ask my Aunties Nat, Pip and Lynda to have a talk to her about this. Dad's no help. Damn woman has infected him with that mushy stuff.

On another note, I think she's up to something and I know none of us are going to like it. It involves our dinner. I know this because I could hear her and Dad giggling and whispering while they were cooking in the big pot. Thankfully that bath idea went out of the window. Now we can all have a peaceful day snoring in the sun with that wonderful breeze that's blowing. I am still however worried about watermelons. (You can tell it's a weekend by the way - Mum has time to type more and to take more dictation from me. I wonder if she thinks about me when she's at work? Bet she does because I am the best. I am THE BABY.)

28th January 2010

Stacey: Best laid plans.....bloody technology. We have had computer problems and so have lost days in this precious diary. That frustrates me too much. It's been a busy time, between caring for the kids, having fun on time outs with the kids and friends (it's been 7 weeks since we've been to a dog show - how wierd - too bloody hot and we always take this time of year off, but boy that seems odd) hydrobathing kids, working, trying desperately to get everything done at work and at home so I can really enjoy the 8 weeks off coming up and of course watching Bummy's every move. When the girls are pregnant it is such a funny time for us. We are overjoyed at the thought that new babies are coming but also hoping that everything will go well and return the effort into doing our best to make sure we have done the best job we can in choosing the parents and looking after our girls (and boys) - most of all that our darling little girl will be safe throughout it all, deliver easily and find motherhood just a wonderful experience. Our experience with losing our Rah is never far from our minds - but we do our best not to let that make us panic merchants. It is hard though. ENOUGH STACEY!! Positive thoughts girlie.

Beccie looks wonderful. She hasn't missed a beat and is taking good care of herself. She is not a lazy slug, but is definitely not an idiot brain wild child. The un-preggers version of Bummy is wild, crazy and very full on. The almost 7 weeks preggers version shows more of the internal wisdom that has always been there and a very maternal and thoughtful approach to life. She is starting to find her body uncomfortable though and now will not lay on her belly. She is on her side now to rest. I have been watching the mound of babies and looking for those ripples of bubba kicks. Not long to go now. We will move her onto two feeds a day tomorrow as she can't handle small brekky and big dinner any more. She needs us to split the day's tucker into smaller and more evenly regular portions. She's so beautiful. What on Earth did we do to be blessed with this gorgeous child? So lucky.

Beccie: Mum and Dad have become completely nutty. Like looney tunes fussy nutters that don't stop kissing me and telling me how beautiful I am. I mean I love to be adored - more than your average Bullmastiff does - which is obvious because I AM NOT YOUR AVERAGE BULLMASTIFF - but this is freaky. Ah what the heck. I may as well suck it up and play it out for all it's worth. Can't hurt.

I do think though that this soppy behaviour is infectious. Aunty Ek has this dreamy look on her face when I try to ask her about watermelons. I still don't have an answer about that and am becoming more concerned. The scary thing about that is that Ek is far from dippy. Grunt seems to alternate between fussing about me and sulking about some event called "Not being the baby in the house anymore". What the hell is that? I am THE BABY and always will be. Maybe she's just "cute, not real bright"? Nah, Grunt's smart - she is my half sister after all. We are very intelligent ladies. Then there's my Daddy - Big Sargey. What is going on with that man? Me and him are like Super Ninjas - we take on the world and set it to rights. He has become like a pipe smoking Grandpa rocking in his chair, looking pleased with himself and telling me how I should take good care of myself. If he puts those big dreamy brown eyes over me with that fatherly concern again, I'll vomit. Let's go kick some ass Dad. Because we rule the world. Yeah Grunt can come too, but she'd better do as she's told.

That brindle THING, Shadowe, has me most worried. Like me and her just like hate each other hey. But she's stopped yelling insults and smirking at me. She looks at me with this motherly concern and a really loving smile......life is getting freaky here. Seriously. I need my two legged Aunties or even better my Grandma Bec to come and straighten these loonies out. I think they are starting to make me soft. Mind you, I really am looking forward to having little babies. I have been looking forward to this. God I hope they are not ugly. Ha! Like they could be. I am gorgeous and Stahr is drop dead spunktastic (if anyone tells him I said that I'll smack the snot out of them - I like to keep him keen afterall), and we both come from a long line of awesomely sensationally beautiful. But of course I am the most beautiful - not that you need reminding but it never hurts. Anyway, I need to go pee - the little Grubs inside seem to sit on my bladder a lot these days - so you lot sod off and have your dinner - sorry that was aimed at Mummy and Daddy - not my adoring fans. For my Fans, stay cool, stay PHAT and most of all remember - your Parents might be freakeeeeeeeeeeee, but they luvs ya in spite of your awesomeness. xxxxxxxxx (Did I just put kisses on this? What Tha.....? That bloody woman has infected me too!! Arrrrgghhhhh!!)

29th January 2010

Stacey: Bummy is seriously looking huge. She's getting coffee table wide and there are two weeks to go! I am now 7 working days away from being at home with her for 8 weeks. Sigh. 8 weeks being a stay at home Mum. Can't wait. Man she looks gorgeous. On another note, gee Grunt grew today. She seems to have filled out during the day and I swear her head got bigger. Awesome kids.

Beccie: Still no news on the watermelon front. I am getting a sneaky suspicion about it though based on the squirming going on inside me. Mum just told me that they have to come out the way they went in. Is she kidding? That's obscene. She's sick. Scarily though it matches up with the dribs and drabs Aunty Ek has put out there that resemble some kind of sense and not the dribbley baby talk. I have decided to try to stop thinking about it and focus instead on how to get comfortable when laying down. This on your side thing is odd, considering I've always been a sprawled on your guts or flopped wide on your back girl. Mum and Dad also keep mentioning coffee tables and they are on about the boobs again. It's no wonder I am confused. I think it's best if I do what I always do when it becomes apparent that the Village has lost their resident idiot and I have to put up with the poor lost being - turn on my chocolate eyes and milk it. Sigh, it's almost too easy and I should feel guilty. But I don't. Life is good. As it should be for me. I am the best after all.


2nd February 2010

Stacey: God I am nackered. Bren is the same. We are trying to get on top of things ahead of schedule here and work is beyond insane. I don't know how to describe it. I just want the awesome folks I work with to not have any worries while I am away so am trying to get things done way in advance. I am also booked to fly to Far North Qld in about 6 weeks and deliver an address to a graduate group for an hour. I so want that to be perfect - so tomorrow I will sketch that out and sort out other things - and deliver a presentation on 'what I do'. I am really excited about the FNQ trip. Beccie looks awesome - but huge. I will feel better when she has had the babies and is okay. She's so gorgeous.

Beccie: I'm fat. Mum keeps telling me I'm PHAT but she's blind. Walking up the hill is exhausting. I hope Stahr feels this fat and uncomfortable. I'll give him 'oh you are so sexy Beccie'!! Here I am in my rotund glory. Don't worry - I'm not in prison for long, only while they feed the common rabble. Then I go back to ruling this place.

3rd February 2010

Stacey: My Bummy is huge. Well not my bum, but my Beccie. (Mind you, my butt could use a tone up!) We are on the downhill run now. I am doing my usual fret, but trying to keep myself grounded. Our girl is healthy and fit. All will be well.

Beccie: OMG I am so humungous. All of that 'babies come from the cabbage patch' mythology is crap! Suddenly I have realised the God AWFUL truth about Aunty Echoe's watermelon ramblings. I am seriously starting to freak out about this. Aunty Ek has assured me that everything swells to accomodate them coming out.....but does it suck back up nice and neat? Crap. I so hope so. I would hate to have any long term SAG from this. It would be better if Daddy would stop telling me those horrible droopy titty stories. Grandma Katie, Auntie Ekky and THAT THING Shadowe have all had babies and they don't have long droopy boobs. OMG. Freaking.

5th February 2010

Stacey: Very eventful day today. Thankfully Bren is okay. I would be shattered without him. In baby news, Beccie is just ready to bust I think. She looks great and seems very content in herself. Grunt is being a real TERD. As are most of the kids - when it's raining they get stir crazy. Except for Echoe - who just gets needy. But that's all cool. It just means it's easier to charm kisses out of her. She will be devastated when we set up the whelping box as she knows it means she moves to the kitchen instead of owning the futon and waterbed.

Beccie: Let's just set the record straight here. I am not being a total piggy at dinner time, but my waistline seems to have a mind of it's own and I think it's like disco central inside me. Mum's doing this funny behaviour - kind of like watching the drunk sugar gliders doing aerial tricks tring to dodge the little bats. I think you call it 'cat on a hot tin roof'? Anyway, insane woman took another pic of me today and she insists that I show you my
'pregggg-ahh-nnn-ant frog dog' look. Please don't share this on U-tube or Facebook (Mum says it's a psycho haunting ground by the way). My family are embarrassing enough without me looking like a beached whale. Thankfully Green Peace are currently busy. I don't want to be mistakenly rolled into the ocean....

10th February 2010

Stacey: It's been a horrible few days. The loss of Sargey on Sunday is more than I think I can take. Thankfully I am on leave now and can spend time with Beccie and just try to take it all in. She's been a fidget bum today. We are in the whelping box now and she's nesting away and panting. I hope it all goes well.

Beccie: Mum and Dad are really sad and I am too. I miss Sargey. But I think at last I have worked out the watermelon thing. OMG. That's all I can say.

17th February 2010

Stacey: Well the 9 little babies were born on the 12th after a c section. Bummy is handling everything really well! She is such a fabulous mother and we are so prouod of her. It has been so busy and I confess that I do waste a lot of time snuggling babies when I should be doing other things, like keeping up to date with our diary!

Beccie: OMG alright. Aunty Echoe was right about watermelons and where they have to come out of. Thankfully that nice vet Lucy rescued me from the worst of it!! I have 9 babies (plus 2 little ones in Heaven), 5 boys and 4 girls and they are the best looking babies you will ever see. They whinge and yell and pull on my boobs and man when they poop it is yucko! I am sure that when I was a baby my poop didn't smell at all. Actually it did, like roses. It has to have. I'm perfect afterall. That Stahree keeps sticking his head in and checking on us. I don't know whether I love him or if I have to just eat him and be done with it. I mean he's gorgeous and all, but my figure is ruined! Mum assures me it is not and that this is temporary, but check out the pic below. God my boobs will never be perky again and it's ALL HIS FAULT!

26th February 2010

Stacey: All is going well and the babies are booming! Beccie is the best mother you could ask for and we are really pleased with our babies. I should be doing a better job updating this website but I get sidetracked with other stuff - mostly kissing the babies!! All of the big kids are well and Grunt is being her usual wicked self. Echoe has turned into team leader mischief (she always was anyway) and Shadowe is baby obsessed. Mad bunch.

Beccie: Ho hum I'm gorgeous I know. I hear it every day. I also hear about what a great mother I am. Seriously, how hard is this. I lay down, Mum and Dad plug the babies on, they pull on my knockers (which are huge by the way!), I go to sleep and when I wake up my boobs are lighter, the babies are all clean and Mum and Dad are grinning at me. Apparently in other homes you have to lick up the baby pee and poo. How GROSS is that! I don't have to do that. It is all taken care of for me. I just get to enjoy being a Mummy. I had fun this morning. I went for a stroll and started a riot with Ek, Skahr and Razzy. Ha ha - I strutted past them flashing my womanly loveliness and they all went off their brains with jealousy. Suckers. Nah nah nah nah nah - I'm getting fed four times a day!! And I'm getting anything I want! Llife is better than good. It's just as it was meant to be for me - because I am the best you know.

Check out the kids and I below. We are gorgeous and we know it.



14-Dec-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Leeton Griffith ABKC [CH] (Judge was Mr J Rowles (NSW))

13-Dec-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Leeton Griffith ABKC [CH] (Judge was Ms M Joyce (VIC))

23-Nov-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Cooma & District Kennel & Obedience Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Shrigley (TAS))

22-Nov-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Cooma & District Kennel & Obedience Club [CH] (Judge was Mr R Baker (SA))

21-Nov-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Cooma & District Kennel & Obedience Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs G Cook (VIC))

16-Nov-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch / Aust Bred of Breed
Young & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was MS D Duffin (VIC))

8-Nov-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Far South East Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr T Syme (VIC))

2-Nov-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
National Capital Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Quiros Kubat (Argentina))

18-Oct-08 Runner up to Best of Breed / Challenge Bitch
Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Cl [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Campbell (VIC))

5-Oct-08 3rd Australian Bred Bitch Class
Bullmastiff Club of VIC Champ Show [CH] (Judge was Ms J Stevenson (VIC))

13-Sep-08 3rd Australian Bred Bitch Class
Bullmastiff Club of NSW Specialty Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs N Bieberitz (VIC))

7-Sep-08 Runner up to Best of Breed / Challenge Bitch
ACT Junior Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Bowe (NSW))

24-Aug-08 BEST AUSTRALIAN BRED IN GROUP / Runner up to Best of Breed
Coolamon Ganmain Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs K Hardwicke (NZ))

23-Aug-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Ganmain Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs V Carter (SA))

22-Aug-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Coolamon Ganmain Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs E Benson (NSW))

10-Aug-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr T Horchner (VIC))

9-Aug-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs L Harwood (VIC))

3-Aug-08 Challenge Bitch
Wagga Wagga All Breeds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Ms E Joseph (VIC))

2-Aug-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Wagga Wagga All Breeds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr R Norris (TAS))

27-Jul-08 Challenge Bitch
Harden Murrumburrah & District All Breed [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Lane (NSW))

26-Jul-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Harden Murrumburrah & District All Breed [CH] (Judge was Mr M Arthur (NSW))

14-Jun-08 Intermediate of Breed
Yass District Kennel & Training Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs K Nicholls (Qld))

9-Jun-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch / Intermediate Of Breed
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Hanley (NSW))

8-Jun-08 Intermediate of Breed
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr E J Kerley (SA))

7-Jun-08 Intermediate of Breed
Canberra Non Sporting, Utility & Working [CH] (Judge was Mrs L Ryan (NSW))

25-May-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Cowra & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs K McIntyre (NZ))

24-May-08 Challenge Bitch
Cowra & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs D Zipperer (QLD))

18-May-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Temora & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr A McQuire (Qld))

17-May-08 Challenge Bitch
Temora & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs V KNopke (Qld))

11-May-08 Challenge Bitch
Cootamundra All Breeds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Weston (ACT))

27-Apr-08 2nd Intermediate Bitch Class
Bullmastiff Club of VIC Champ Show 2008 [CH] (Judge was Mr Bas Bosch (Netherlands))

27-Apr-08 Opposite Sex Intermediate In Show / Reserve Best Bitch
Bullmastiff Club of VIC Open Show 2008 [OP] (Judge was Ms Jody Harrison (Netherlands))

5-Apr-08 Intermediate of Breed
Goulburn A P & H Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Bownds (NSW))

23-Mar-08 2nd Intermediate Bitch
Bullmastiff Club of NSW Specialty Show [CH] (Judge was Miss C Wright (VIC))

21-Mar-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
ACT Junior Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr M Martin (ACT))

15-Mar-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Braidwood Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs B Stepkovitch (NSW))

8-Mar-08 Best of Breed
Yass Show Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr D Brace (VIC))

29-Feb-08 Challenge Bitch
Boorowa Show Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr W Gunter (NSW))

21-Feb-08 Intermediate of Breed
Canberra Royal Show [CH] (Judge was Mrs P Nemirovsky Alsina (Argentina))

17-Feb-08 Challenge Bitch
Gunning A P & I Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mr D Ford (VIC))

16-Feb-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Gundagai P A & H Society [CH] (Judge was Rev C Seymour (NSW))

26-Jan-08 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Tarago Show Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Miss S Rose (NSW))

2-Dec-07 1st Intermediate Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr D Jones (Sth Africa))

1-Dec-07 1st Intermediate Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Barrett (NZ))

19-May-07 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Temora & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr J Palmer (NSW))

12-May-07 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Cootamundra All Breeds Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr J Birch (NSW))

24-Mar-07 Best Intermediate In Group / Runner up to Best Of Breed
Tumbarumba P A & H Society [CH] (Judge was Miss C Stuart (NSW))

17-Mar-07 Best of Breed
ACTCA Inc [CH] (Judge was Ms Cheryl Egerton (Canada))

10-Mar-07 Runner Up to Best of Breed / Challenge Bitch
Blacktown Kennel & Training Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr E G Ryder (Qld))

3-Feb-07 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Berry Show Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Patterson (NSW))

17-Sep-06 Junior of Breed
Utility Dog Club of NSW Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr K Hammond A.F.S.M. (TAS))

16-Sep-06 Best Opposite Junior In Show
Bullmastiff Club of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mr B Marion (SA))

12-Jun-06 Best Puppy In Group / Reserve Challenge Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Miss P Young (NSW))

11-Jun-06 Reserve Challenge Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs R Ralphs (NSW))

3-Jun-06 Reserve Challenge Bitch
Junee Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs E E Cross (NSW))

27-May-06 Best Puppy In Group
Cowra & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs G Johnston (NZ))

20-May-06 Best Puppy In Group
Temora & District Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Miss M Davis (Qld))

Bullmastiff Club of NSW Autum Championship Show [CH] (Judge was Mr G Slater (UK))

14-Apr-06 Best Puppy In Group
ACTCA [CH] (Judge was Mr M Gunter (NSW))

05-Mar-06 Best Minor Puppy In Group
Far South East Kennel Club [Ch] (Judge was Dr G Cowie (ACT))

04-Mar-06 Best Minor Puppy In Group
Far South East Kennel Club [Ch] (Judge was Mrs D Besoff (NSW)

18-Feb-06 Best Minor Puppy In Group
Gundagai Show Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Bowe (NSW))

04-Feb-06 Minor Puppy of Breed
Berry Show Society Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs N Abela (NSW))

26-Jan-06 Minor Puppy Bitch of Breed
RNSWCC Library & Archives Working Party Australia Day Show [CH] (Judge was Rev C Seymour (NSW))

This was Beccie's first day as a Minor and her first adventure
in lining up for a Bitch Challenge, which she did with her Aunties Echoe, Rahrah and Shadowe (We had a very big day!). She was very wiggley and excited when Aunty Echoe got the 17 point challenge and even more wiggley and excited when Aunty Rahrah got Reserve Challenge Bitch. When her Big Daddy got Best Exhibit In Group it was just all too wiggle inspiring. She promises that next time Grandma Bec Klok shows her, she will behave better and try not to be such an excited wiggley BumGrub. It's just so hard to be still when you are having so much fun. You just have to shake your booty out there when you are a Beccie BumGrub!

03-Dec-05 1st Place out of 3 Baby Puppy Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr John Clark (NZ))

20-Nov-05 2nd place - 3-6 mth Sweepstakes
Cooma & District Kennel & Obedience Club [CH] (Judge was Mr G Minchinton (Qld))


Sire : Aust Grand Champion GrizzMuffley Delirious S: Aust Gr Ch Bullpower Silver Benz S: Aust Ch Rottjet Jumpinjack Flash
D: Bullpower Calamity Jane
D: Balgu Katie S: Curnabrae Ike Opbulmas
D: Balgu Lelani
Dam : Bruin Mystic Meg S: Aust Ch Bullvalour Coltrancraker S: Aust Ch Morvern Obadiah (IMP UK)
D: Regallion Black Opal
D: Lilacglen That Dream S: Aust Ch Bultusker Chainbraker
D: Lilacglen Red Aura

Mouth: Very slightly undershot, good dentition.
Hips: Total Score of 6 [3:3]
Elbows: 0:1

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