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"GrizzMuffley The Crime"

Skahr - "The Bouncing Peanut"

Skahr is due to become a Mummy on the 14th May 2011. Scroll down to read her diary of 'rotund glory' and to view photos of the sexy Mummy to be.


GrizzMuffley The Crime

DOB: 14-June-2007


Skahr is the daughter of our much loved RahRah and is a bossy, adorable, total mischief. She is so crazy and full on that Brendan has nicknamed her 'BP' - which is short for 'bouncing peanut'. She often gets called Peanut, Nutty, Nutcase, or Nutty-nut-suns. She is wild. She is crazy. She is SO MUCH FUN!

Skahr-la-ta-farta-la-tee-dee is a scream. She's got so much energy for such a compact package. The energizer bunny has nothing on this kid.

Skahr loves to sit in the kitchen watching the food being prepared, while barking out orders at you from below. And if you aren't quick enough she will put her feet up on the table and check out how you are progressing! Like her sister Juhnure, the world is one big adventure. And it's best enjoyed while trying to boss their brother Shogunne around!!

Her best friend in the entire world is her cousin Razehelle and they play for hours pretending to eat each others' feet while telling each other the most outrageous stories. And boy oh boy, they are some tall tales.

Skahr has a lovely substance and boning, a beautiful front and solid rear end, is true out and back and really powers it out around the ring. She is terrific fun to show, though Brendan does despair of ever getting her to stand still and stack - she's just not that patient when there's a chance to show off! And if only that judge would get to her faster because IT'S ALL ABOUT SKAHR YOU KNOW!!!

It is a joy to watch her mature and to see her lovely outgoing nature blossoming her into a strong and confident young woman. She loves to do show show and meet new friends and her enjoyment of life itself is just contagious. You are so bossy and crazy Skahr and we love every minute of it! Though that move you do where you sneak up from behind and waist tackle us sometimes is a bit of a surprise! But hugs are always welcome gorgeous.



Hi there fans of the hottest chick on the farm! Welcome to my diary of a 'Holy Hot Mumma to be'. I've finally bashed that mad woman Stacey into taking dictation, so here we go:

30 April 2011: Wowzers. I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have to say, that even by my awesome standards, I am looking HOT and SPICY!! Mum and Dad have been a bit worried about me after my misadventure last time I was pregnant, but now thankfully they are starting to breathe a little easier. Though man I wish that Woman would stop rubbing my belly and saying 'Hold them in there my little Fahrtee' and following me everywhere. I swear if she checks out my personal bits anymore I might have to just let rip with a gas bomb right in her face. Ha ha. That would fix her. Dad keeps talking about my boobs. He can't get over what a lucious hotty I am. I'm feeling pretty darn good and check out some pics of me strutting my stuff! What a woman!!

Mum loves me. What more can you say. Apart from to comment on how beautiful I am of course. Daddy does too but boy he's hard to get a photo of!!

I do have a small concern. At the rate I am going, my boobs might be dragging my baby belly along the ground by the time the little Skahrlings are born. Oh and Beccie has taken to sniggering at me. When I ask her why, she just sniggers some more and mutters 'watermelons'. I'm a bit worried about that. She knows something and she's not letting on.

03 May 2011: I hid the camera! Daddy called me a Walrus!!! HOW RUDE IS THAT MAN!! Mummy has gone back to those worried eyes. Of course it didn't help her out that tonight I showed her a little bit of milk from my luscious boobies. Not the back ones, but the second back ones. Mum sighed, rubbed her eyes and told Daddy "Well the good news is that it's not her front boobies.". She worries too much. Just because I look like the wave of a dressmaking pin in my general direction will send me off like a popped balloon does not mean I am about to spit my little treasures out tomorrow!

I like this pregnant thing. Man am I sucking it up. The extra treats, the jealous eyes on the other girls, Daddy will stay home and look after me and the Skahrlings while Mummy goes to work (he had better ultra spoil me or I'll tell Mum and she'll do her cranky glare - YEAH!) knowing that Granny Katie has to train them - Buuuwahhaaaaaaa that's GOLD JERRY! Shadowe might be The Enemy but at least she's been straight with me. She told me not to worry - Mum and Dad do the hard and yuck stuff once you have the babies. Beccie WAS my idol but she's still sniggering. That's not nice. I think she's just being awful because I stole her man Stahr. Well HELLO! Honey, take a look at me! HOT is an understatement. Jealous. That's all I can say. Grunt remains a dip and I swear Pew is on another planet - neither are any help. I so hope my brother Shogunne does not find out that his best friend Stahr got me in the family way. Everyone shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - don't tell him. Gotta go. Mum is dead sick of dictation and keeps muttering "I have a rum in the kitchen Child. Get on with it." See you tomorrow Fans. x xxxxx

06 May 2011: I am the child of a lazy woman. Seriously. This bird mutters cr@p about a full time job, spoiling ALL of her children, washing, folding, cleaning, ironing, emails, spending time with Daddy and some other muck I can't be stuffed to listen to, when she should be keeping my Fans informed of my activities. Could someone PUHLEEEEESE get my Aunties to set her back on track?

Well today I am looking so sexy-liscous, that all of the other girls are just totally off their tits with jeaousy (Mummy cringed when I told her to write that, but hey - THIS IS MY DIARY WOMAN SO SUCK IT UP!!). I'm a bit poop about the whole can't fit as much food in as I'd like to because these little lumps are just space hogs, but the regular top ups are awesome. I so could get used to this. Dad is still rude and I am not talking to him. Mum is so much better. She lets me lick her, she makes sure my butt and girlie bits are nice and fresh (it's a bit hard to get the full 'hunch' going when you have a killer whale gut) and keeps telling me how smashingly gorgeous I am. What a woman! Don't any of you tell her that - she is my willing slave okay. (Note from Mummy: 'Skahr my darling, Mummy is taking your dictation. I know what you are saying my lovely. Be careful. And keep your tongue in your own mouth. Especially when you have been eating rabbit and magpie poo. Love you precious. xxx'). UH OH. She sprung me. Dammit. Anyway, check out two photos of my Supreme Hotness tonight. They were taken while Mummy was adoring my bountiful roundness (she said some swear words too about a Bloody Child that won't stand still. Oooooooh Wahhhhhhhhhhh.) Yes I am looking in the oven for the Buns in the Oven that Dad and Mum keep talikng about. Can't smell buns cooking. They are mad.

Don't look at my girlie bits you perves! Aren't I just a fit and sexy Mumma (gloat). Though my spine feels like it will need some serious chiropractic attention after this!

22 May 11: I have stopped talking to The Woman. She seems totally ignorant of the fact that my Fans are dying for news of me and my little Skahrlings who are 11 days old today. Some rubbish about long days at work and Daddy needing to learn to use the Internet. Lazy Cow. Long Days? Ha. Try having 10 little ferals ripping your tits off 6 times a day and you will know about LONG DAYS! Lazy. She is just lazy.

Also, she refuses to hand feed me. Selfish piece. Thankfully Daddy is my willing slave and will happily wrap each dog biscuit in grated cheese and yoghurt, place that morsel on a carefully presented piece of chicken, and introduce it like it is a Master Chef all time winner. I love him. Well he thinks I do but really I'm just playing him - Buuuwahhaaaa.

My manipulation of the Humans aside here is a photo of my Boobylicious self and my little Darling Skahrlings. It's almost too hard to decide who is cuter. Oh alright, I'll concede this one to my little feral cherubs. Oh yeah and Mum (she gets all sad if I keep calling her The Woman) and me and Mirryrre having a cuddle. (SHUT UP. Don't tell Mum I love her. It's fun making her suck up for a kiss <g> )

[Typist's note from The Slave: Skahr, take notes from Beccie. I can hear you sweetness and I have a long memory. Cute will only get you so far darling. Then you had better cough up some love, because Mummy might be tougher in some ways, but keep in mind that she is the one who does the Beauty Parlour Treatment you love so much and she makes the extra special dinners when you aren't preggers or feeding babies, just because she adores you so much. By the way baby, you look amazing, are an awesome Mummy and I am so proud of you. Job well done Fahrtee. xx)



11-Jul-08 5th of 11 Junior Bitch
4th National Bullmastiff Specialty [CH] (Judge was Mr B Brittle ((UK))

14-Jun-08 2nd out of 3 Junior Bitch
Yass District Kennel & Trainng Club [CH] (Judge was Mrs K Nicholls (Qld))

8-Jun-08 Puppy of Breed
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr E J Kerley (SA))

2-Dec-07 3rd Baby Puppy Bitch
ACT Ladies Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr D Jones (Sth Africa))

24-Nov-07 Baby Puppy of Breed
Cooma & District Kennel & Obedience Club [CH] (Judge was Ms G Apted (VIC))

11-Nov-07 Baby Puppy In Group
Far South East Kennel Club [CH] (Judge was Mr K Cronchey (VIC))

4-Nov-07 1st Baby Puppy Bitch
Goulburn Dog Training & Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mr A McQuire (Qld))

20-Oct-07 3rd Baby Puppy Bitch
Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Cl [CH] (Judge was Mrs E Warner (VIC))

1-Oct-07 1st Baby Puppy Bitch
Canberra All Breeds Kennel Club Inc [CH] (Judge was Mrs L Carleton (NZ))

30-Sep-07 1st Baby Puppy Bitch
Canberra Non Sporting, Utility & Working [CH] (Judge was Mrs A Vandersteen (SA))

29-Sep-07 2nd Baby Puppy Bitch
Canberra Non Sporting, Utility & Working [CH] (Judge was Mr G Carleton (NZ))


Sire : Aust Champion Oldwell Blake (IMP UK) S: Oldwell Oakley (UK) S: Bramarley Boris of Oldwell (UK)
D: ENG CH Licassa Lady Clara of Oldwell
D: Oldwell Forget Me Not (UK) S: Wyburn Obbie (UK)
D: Oldwell Fresia (UK)
Dam : BISS Aust Champion GrizzMuffley Scandalous S: Aust Grand Champion Bullpower Silver Benz S: Aust Champion Rottjet Jumpinjack Flash
D: Bullpower Calamity Jane
D: Balgu Katie S: Curnabrae Ike Opbulmas (AI)
D: Balgu Lelani

Mouth: Level.
9 [5:4]
Elbows: 1:1

Page last updated: 30 April 2011


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