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Boarding School Kids

When GrizzMuffley Babies leave home, we try to think of it as though they are just heading off to Boarding School. It's easier than thinking that they have left home forever.

This page is intended to be about the babies that have left home and the lives they are living.

It is currently under construction.

I haven't forgotten anyone - I just haven't finished yet! They are all too beautiful to miss out!!

GrizzMuffley Into The Light ('Rumba')

Rummy is a Sarge / Shadowe daughter and of course Grunt's sister.

Rumba is being lovingly raised by Lynda and Geoff and in June 2010 made her show debut. We are very proud of her and Rum and Lynda did a great job on their first weekend out and about.

GrizzMuffley Controversy ('Bindi')

Bindi (also known as 'Googles' and 'Googs') is a Sargeant / Katie daughter and litter sister to Shaddy and Wyshy.

As you can see she lives an EXTREMELY active life beind adored by Sara, Drew and family.

This poor tortured child......I'd go and rescue her but I reckon Sara, Drew, the kids and Teya (her doggy sister) would beat the snot out of me if I tried!

GrizzMuffley The Future ('Juhnure')

Juhnure is a Blake / RahRah daughter. Noones was Stacey's girl and commenced her show career doing quite well as a young baby.

She suffered a stroke at 7 months of age and though she recovered extremely well, she still has her slight little head tilt and disoriented eye. So the hard decision was made to place her with a family, rather than have her sitting here waiting for us to come home.

She now lives with Silka, Gary and Family and lives the life of whoopee camping, fishing and filching Shapes biscuits from her family. You rock Juhney. xxxxxxx



GrizzMuffley The Passion ('Shinobi')

Well I simply have to put 'Obi' next to his sister and not too far away from HIS Rumba or he will fret. So from that you know who's child he is and who he lives with.

Obi is a sweetheart and Lynda and Geoff love him to bits. In fact we all love him to bits because he is just a big cuddle bug who loves to please.

Obi (the Bullmastiff formerly known as 'Tee Tee') also started his show career as Brendan's boy. But for a number of reasons we decided to place him in a pet home. As it turns out we made the right decision. He is so much happier as one of one or two dogs, rather than one of fourteen - as it was at that stage - and he is very adored.

GrizzMuffley TikTik Bang ('Lytenynge')

Ning is a Wyshy / Echoe son. He started out as a show boy but really didn't enjoy it - so he went to live with Pip and Joe instead. That life he LOVES!

Lazing on the couch, snoozing on the bed, turning his big brown eyes onto 'mooch' mode and getting people to cough up their food - yep, that's the life for him!

Stacey also loves that when he sees her he still does an excited pee :<) Although Pip does not love it when he's still in the car and Granny lands for kisses <g> Ning is a sweetie. I just love his kisses and his serious "I'm The Man" expression.

GrizzMuffley Emancipation ('Conan')

Conan is a Stahr / Beccie son and lives with his Uncle Lytenynge. He has started out his show career so well and is a marvellous young man with what we think is an amazing future ahead of him.

Pip and Joe are doing such a great job raising him and Pip and Conan work very well together in and out of the ring.

He reminds me strongly of his Grandfather Sarge in his body and of his Grandy Wyshy in his joy. He is a very sweet - and BIG - boy and we all just love him so much.

Soon he will start obedience as well. Good luck Pip!!

GrizzMuffley Erotic City ('Jaggah')

Jaggah is a Stahr / Beccie son.

How adorable is our Jaggy Man! Jaggah lives in a very loving home with his Mastiff X sister Bella, who is a sweet and loving girl that just wants to please. Mark, Amanda and Miss Georgia (a.k.a. Cute Britches) just love him so much and Bella mothers him all of the time.

We are so happy to see the love between them all and the care that Jaggy is given in this home. He is a Prince in every way and so loved and adored by all of us. You are such a cool dude Jag's. We just love you you sexy thang!

He is going to be so kick a#se at obedience because he is wickedly smart and wants to please. Groove on Erotic City. You are a cooler than cool man.

GrizzMuffley The Good Life ('Layla')

Layla is a Stahr / Beccie daughter. We called her Black Bettie (yeeehaaa look at that pigment!!) as she was so dark like her Mumma Beccie and her Great Auntie RahRah as a baby. That lovely gorgeous darkness makes us all go gooey - you must remember that pigment does not come - it goes - so our lovely smutty babies often turn out with those lovely dark faces, eyes and toenails.

We do have to credit Bruin Bullmastiffs (Klokky and Bec) for the pigment (amongst other things) that they have added into our vision of the perfect bullmastiff. (Thanks again guys for our BumGrub and all she brings with her. xxx)

GrizzMuffley Live For Love ('Trooper')

Trooper is a Stahr / Beccie son. He has started his show career in Queensland and did very well on his first day out taking out 3rd in 3-6 mth sweepstakes.

Heidi, Craig, his big sister Bella the Bullmastiff and the pussycats are doing a great job raising this beautiful young man.

He reminds me of his Daddy Stahr to look at and also his beautiful Grandmother, my darling Echoe. We think he has a very promising future and look forward to seeing this gorgeous boy strut his stuff. His face needs kisses. Seriously, who could resist!

GrizzMuffley Valentina ('Xena')

Xena is a Stahr / Beccie daughter and is showing her gorgeous self off out and about in Victoria.

Roxanne and Xena are starting their show career together and we know they will do us all proud. They are cheered on from the sidelines by Roxanne's partner Korri and I bet he grins with pride the whole time watching the two girls out there together.

Xena is very much like her Grandmother Echoe at this age to look at and also loves to go showing and playing with the other puppies. Roxanne waited a long time for this little girl and we wish them every success and happiness together. Go Get 'Em Girls!

GrizzMuffley Power Fantastic ('Manny')

Manny (Moo Cakes) is a Sarge / Shadowe son. Moooooo Cakes is adorable! And boy oh boy is he a BIG boy like his Daddy Sargey.

Manny does very well at obedience (Natty tells me that the handler does less well but Dave argues that point!) and is a happy go lucky boy always on the lookout for a good play with someone.

He enjoys reunions with his sisters Grunt and Rumba and they love beating him up :<) He is a good natured boy and a pleasure to be with. He gives wicked cuddles too and we all smile when we see our Moo Cakes coming. He just has that effect on people.

GrizzMuffley Pretty Man ('Bhooda')

Bhooda is a Boo Boo / Katie son from our first litter and is cherished and adored by Clint and Kate.

He's a big schmooch of a boy who has bought a lot of happiness and joy to his family and also to us, knowing how loved and spoilt he is.

Bhood's is a really good looking boy too who shows so many of the lovely attributes that we got from the lovely mix of Katie and Boo Boo.

No matter how big he gets, he will always be our little 'Tangles Man'. That funny little kid with the big grin that loved his tucker. So beautiful.

GrizzMuffley New Power Soul ('Buddy')

Buddy is a Stahr / Beccie son residing in the Northen Terrority with his much loved family Darren, Louise and Isabella and his pussycat siblings Maggie and Mindy.

We hear that he's quite a legend at finding the choicest spot in the house in the summer time under the air conditioning and loves HIS fan and HIS special bed.

Again, another child that needs rescuing from all of this terrible spoiling! Buddy reminds us of his Great Uncle Major because CUTE is his middle name too.

Darren, Louise and Isabella, we think he is one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen too and we wish you so much joy with Buddy. Don't forget to give him his daily dose of kisses from us please. He will always be our 'lashes of love muffins' to us. xx

GrizzMuffley Release It ('Zulu')

Zulu is a Wyshboan / Echoe daughter who has moved back to sunny Queensland to soak up the good life.

Zulu is much adored by Kirsty Lee and family and also by us! She is such a laid back kid and so totally gorgeous. She looks a lot like both her Mum and Dad and is a real social butterfly.

Zoo has matured into a beautiful girl and we are very proud of her in every way. She gets along so well with everyone she meets, 2 and 4 legged and is just a sweet sweet girl. We look forward to seeing Zoo again soon and to tasting those kisses and cuddles from our little girl. See you soon sweet pea.

GrizzMuffley Sweet Baby ('Hemi')

Hemi is a Stahr / Beccie daughter and proudly rules her house that she lets her humans Darren, Karren and Matty reside in!

Hemi (previously known as 'Giddeeup Mouse') was the little one in terms of size in her litter, but was HUGE in attitude. She had a rough start being the last one out and being the tiny baby, but once she worked out that Beccie's milk was YUMMO she sooned kicked along much to our delight as she just captured every heart with her fighting spirit.

She is a real character with her full of herself approach to life. Don't let the sulky face trick you (Karren did you tell Hemi she couldn't have something?? NORTY Mummy <g>) - this little lady is a fiesty Turbo Mouse and we all just love her to pieces. Who could resist those eyes?

GrizzMuffley One of Us ('Cooper')

Cooper is also a Stahr / Beccie baby and he resides in Victoria with Emma and 'The Boys'.

Cooper is a gorgeous boy who was always the first to be our little Drama King in the litter - but in a good way of course. He and Xena were like twins when they were born, so much so that we had some initial confusion thinking we had 6 boys and 3 girls, not 5 boys and 4 girls, because we kept counting the twins as boys! Sometimes, you really do need sleep <g>

This lovely family waited some time for this special man and we hope that he brings them a lifetime of joy. In the 8 short weeks he was with us he kept the smiles on our faces and lots of giggles coming with his funny ways. We look forward to seeing all of the family again when we travel to Victoria in October for the BMCVIC Specialty. xx



Page last updated: 14 July 2010

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